About FeverFit K9


Located in Elkhart, Indiana, FeverFit K9 is led by a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT),

provides conditioning/fitness services for dogs (pets, show or sporting/working) and is a retailer for FitPAWS, Blue-9, animalEO and Rogue Pet Science.

Why canine fitness training?


  • Can help your dog live a longer, healthier life. 20% - 40% of dogs are now considered overweight or obese, contributing to a host of preventable medical conditions and vet visits.

  • Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

  • Can help prevent behavioral problems. Remember that a tired dog is a good dog.

  • Can help give a show or performance dog a competitive edge.

  • Develop the bond with your best friend. Your dog wants to spend time with you.

Our services

We offer a variety of services to best meet your dogs fitness needs.

Group Classes


Classes are currently held at Planet Canine in Elkhart and cover a variety of fitness concepts from intro to advanced.

Private Lessons


Customized fitness plans and evaluations precisely to bring out the best in your own dog.

Retail Products


We only carry products that we love and use ourselves. Featuring products from FitPAWS, Blue-9 Pet Products, Rogue Pet Science and animalEO.